In our latest “What you can expect…” series anti-ageing specialist Lorraine Scrivener, founder of London’s Eden Skin Clinics, explores the science behind facial peels and banishes a few myths along the way.


Why choose a skin peel?

With the media awash with the latest aesthetic innovations it’s easy to overlook the undoubted benefits of the classic non-invasive facial peel in revealing a younger, more beautiful you.

A skin peel can rejuvenate and smooth your skin giving a more youthful appearance instantly, without any of the concerning side-effects linked to invasive surgery.


How does a non-surgical facial peel work?

Skin peels work by removing the dead skin cells and encouraging new ones to grow, revealing smoother, fresher and brighter skin.

“After careful research and years of experience we only offer the revolutionary Agera® peels,” explains Lorraine.

“Why? Because they are non-irritating, pain-free and cause no downtime from skin shedding, redness or irri